Working Together


—Presentations and Workshops—


Leading from the Sandbox

Did we really learn all we needed to know before 1st grade? Educators at any level want to find ways to reach and teach students and families while using unconventional strategies to increase the childlike curiosity. Learn from a secondary administrator turned kindergarten principal about the key components for engaging and inspiring learning environments for students that can be applied at all levels.

Creating Partnerships with Families and Communities.

For the success of our students it is critical that teachers and leaders commit with families to build a foundation for all students.  Jessica has had the opportunity to live where she leads and has seen parent partnerships from the level of a leader and parent in the district where she works.  Learn ways in which we can build supports around three critical areas of parent partnerships: Sharing Information, Working Together and Seeking feedback.

From Consumers to Creators: Coding, Computational Thinking and the Early Years.

Technology is changing how we learn at a rapid pace. Incorporating technology in meaningful ways can be an incredible tool for engagement, enhancement and excitement in learning for all students. Learn about research, tools and frameworks that will set the stage for integrating technology in early childhood and the primary grades.

Rolling out the Red Carpet for Your Staff, Students and Families.

In today’s schools we are charged with so many mandates and initiatives and without pause in the pace of the day we might forget the primary priority-the people who we serve. Learn ways-big and small-to enhance the climate of your school and bring some fun back into the school day.

—Full/Half-Day Workshops–

Hacking Early Learning: Working Together to Create the Foundation for P3 Learning.

This full day workshop is geared towards school teams. Wondering how to better align the learning in the early years with other grades? Wanting to make meaningful connections with families before they even enroll in your school? Ready to take the next steps to ensuring alignment of curriculum is happening PreK-6th grade? Participants will work in teams to establish the ground work for a system of supports for staff, students and families. 

Dream Big-Live Colorfully-Lead Boldly: Developing Your Best Self.

Today’s educators have pressures that can become barriers to maintaining wellness in all aspects of life.  In this workshop we will explore ways in work and life to set your own goals and priorities in the different quadrants of balance (positional, personal, professional and passion).  As a principal, wife, mom, daughter, student, and teacher, Jessica has a passion to learn and share ideas that will provide educators with strategies to lead at home and at school. Come prepared to make a commitment for change, and find ways to make it happen.

Digital Leadership in the Early Years.

The elementary years are full of discovery, inquiry, and a place to grow sparks in our youngest learners. Learn how to integrate technology in meaningful ways in the early grades. The session will provide access to evidence based practices and examples of effective practice.

Participants will have time to find creative ways to innovated the way we learn, work and play including:

  • Unplugged and Plugged In activities that support classroom learning.
  • Ways to incorporate computational thinking in developmentally-appropriate based activities.
  • Think like a programmer activities that utilize materials that can be found in the classroom or at home.
  • Hands-on opportunities to play with technology before teaching and develop confidence to jump in and get started.