Hack 9: Start Leading Professional Development the Way You Want Students to Learn

Encouraging creativity, risk-taking, and 
innovating  professional development.

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Just like learning our classrooms, learning in the staff lounge has to look different. Each one of us comes in with different passions, different skill sets and amazing ideas about how best we can continue to serve our students. Finding ways to give teachers a stronger voice and choice in their own learning enhances the student learning and school culture.



  1. What is the most recent PD you attended? How did you apply that learning back in your own context?
  2. How can you put aside your personal fears to move forward on a new teaching strategy or skill you have wanted to try?
  3. Whoops, uh-oh, how can you use mistakes to enhance your learning as well as your students?


Brad Gustafson  Jason Bretzmann Todd Schmidt

Want to know how to 
Have fun and Flip PD?