Hack 5: Find Your Technology Focus

Creativity, Computational Thinking, and Coding.

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When we stop worrying about all the things technology couldn’t do for us-we can start thinking about all the opportunities it has for our students. Listening to what students are interested in and aligning innovative practices to those ideas will only amplifying what we are currently doing. Allow teachers opportunities to face their own fears of trying new tools-in professional development, taking the tools home, and cheering them on when they try them in the classrooms of your school.



  1. What have you tried already? Offer informal workshops, Appy Hours or playdates to try out tools. Log into http://scratchjr.org/ or https://code.org/ or http://www.daisythedinosaur.com/ and try it for yourself, invite some students to try it with you and see where the learning goes.
  2. What was your biggest failure in implementing technology in your classrooms and what did you learn from it?
  3. Who are you connecting with on this journey? How are you sharing your learning with other educators in your school, your local community and beyond?



Angie Kalthoff, Christine Pinto

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Code with Kindergartners?