Hack 3:  ABC’s, 123’s, and PLC’s.

Creating high-quality learning experiences and supports.

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The Chapter on….Pinterest.  It is a hard balance, and a daily reflection to ensure we are providing learning environments that are engaging, fun, purposeful and relevant for the foundational learning today that will accelerate opportunities for all students tomorrow. That type of delicate and daily balance requires a commitment from all teacher to define what it is we want students to learn and how we will assess and document that learning consistently. Connecting the heart, art and mind of teaching is critical in this stage of learning with littles because, well, it goes so fast.



  1. How can you enhance (or establish) a team of educators that can create the essential outcomes that vertically connect preK-3rd grade?
  2. In what ways should this professional learning be monitored?
  3. Whoo-hoo! How do you celebrate those little and big milestones-for your students, your peers and yourself?


Ken Williams


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