Staying Sane in the Sandbox: Lessons in Principal Leadership

Lesson Learned.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 10.07.33 AM.png

During the past month I have had some incredibly exciting, scary and emotional opportunities rush past me. But for the most part-I have kept my mouth shut about each of these. Two weeks ago while reading Brene Brown’s The Gift’s of Imperfection the quote above hit me hard. Why do we hide behind worry and fear and not celebrate each other’s successes, risks and blessing right in front of us? And if we don’t share-how to we celebrate each other?

So here goes:

I took the GRE. Yes I had big plans to pursue a Ph.D. this year, and while those plans are on pause for a bit-I went through with taking the test.

I wrote a book. Yes, I said it. In August of 2017 I signed a contract to write Hacking Early Learning. Next week this labor of love goes into post-production and I am looking forward to have a copy in hand by spring to share with my grandmother.

I am writing a book. Along with my friends Jessica Johnson and Sarah Johnson we are working on Balance Like A Pirate. Our connection and passion for equipping educators with ways to not necessarily have it all, but find what we need in order to live a life at school and home has been an incredible journey.

I just spoke in front of 300 people. Thursday night marked the end of an incredible year as the 2017 Minnesota Distinguished Principal. With my family in the front row (and Isaiah on stage) I was able to talk for 10 minutes-without a script-about why we lead and how our families shape when we do it.

What are you proud of and who have you told?


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